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    WATER & WASTEWATER Solutions

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    WATER & WASTEWATER Solutions

    Working together to achieve our clients’ goals isn’t just wishful thinking.
    It’s the way we get things done.
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    WATER & WASTEWATER Solutions

    Even the most forward-thinking technologyis no substitute for
    good judgement. We have all the tools you need to succeed
    and the insight about when to use them.

Construction Management

Pre-treatment of water

  • Clarifiers
  • Media Filters

Construction Management

Water treatment for process application

  • Colour Removing Chemicals
  • Cultured Bacteria

Construction Management

Sewage treatment and recycling

  • Water Treatment Chemical
  • Anionic Flocculant
  • Clarifiers
  • Media Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Iron Removal Systems
  • Water Softners
  • De-Ionsing Plants (EDI)
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • SeaWater Desalination
  • Compact Septic Tanks
  • OilWater Seperators
  • Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) System

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Sewage Treatment Plant

Cleantech aims at providing excellent sewage water treatment systems that are hassle-free, easy to use and efficient in execution.

SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

Cleantech SBR Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the
most favored wastewater treatment systems

MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

Cleantech Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) sewage treatment plant is a simple and reliable method of treating wastewater.

Grey Water Treatment Plant<

Cleantech grey water filtration system should be installed in every household and commercial establishment so that there is a less burden on the public sewerage systems.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Our Effluent Treatment Plants are compact, easy to use and tailor-made to suit your specific application.

MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Our MBR based sewage treatment plant is the combination of activated sludge processes and membranes filtration.


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We offer efficient, cost-effective, end-to-end total water management solutions from pre-treatment to waste water treatment and recycle for all industries

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